Just Checking.


Do you still wake up nervous?

Remember how I’d make you lay, and watch the sky unfold before us?

Together, we’d just… breathe our nerves back into focus.

We’d remember these moments later. You know… when the day begins to break us.

When just existing was just too much... strangers seem just as peculiar as the idea of “trust”… Nothing’s fair. No one’s honest. Kind or just… and.. just to get by with what little hope we had left in us, we’d let our morals adjust, and readjust, until we were just short of disgust, but then we’d just…

Remember those moments when we’d stare at the stars above us… how we’d dream that the angels had heard us.

Anyway… I was just thinking about us, and.. just between us, I was just wondering…

Do you still wake up nervous?