Lonely at the Top

What do leaders most need?

I have been working with colleagues from Central Consultancy to put together a leadership development programme. During one of our early discussions we were debating why everyone concentrates on leadership and nobody ever pays any attention to followership. After all without followership there can be no leadership. If you have no followers you are not a leader.

Though many there believed in him, still more were sure he lied.

Last week these thoughts were brought into a sharp, practical focus for me. My interim role at Cardiff Community Housing Association is starting to come to an end. On Friday morning I was able to share with colleagues that we had appointed a new, permanent chief executive – due to join the business towards the end of February. By lunchtime three people had asked me what I would be doing now that Hayley had been appointed; did I have another job lined up? I tried to politely remind them that I would still be the interim chief executive for a few months yet but of course they had already mentally moved on. They had a new leader to follow and I was now just… Well, suffice to say the King was dead, long live the Queen.

So if between now and February you are passing my office and I am sat there all on my own then please pop your head round the door and say hello. Or at least, quietly turn off the lights.

Prog Rock on Followership

Regular readers of my blogs have come to expect reviews or recommendations for music. So if you are looking for a great prog-rock song that tackles the inherent challenges of leadership and followership look no further than:

  • 💿 One for the Vine (which you will find on the album Wind and Wuthering by Genesis).