Results of the Varyon presale

Dear Blue Frontiers and Varyon friends, partners, and token buyers,

On July 14, we closed the Varyon public presale. We’d like to thank you for your ongoing support and to share with you the results of the presale.

We raised 3100.97 Ethereum! Those interested in participating in the upcoming main sale can sign up for the whitelist here.

We are speaking with several international funds which are interested in purchasing large amounts of VAR. We will continue to improve our whitepaper and our business plans. We will announce the public main sale when we believe we have everything in order to welcome additional buyers. In the face of a daunting crypto bear market, we are pleased we have raised as much as we did in the public presale. We are confident that the project will be a success based on the strength of the community and the momentum thus far.

People from more than 50 countries purchased Varyon in the presale. We are proud that we have token holders on every continent (besides the cold one!) In the near future, we plan to organize regular local meetups around the world. Helpers are welcome!

Our social channels have seen over 4.5 Million impressions during the presale and the Blue Frontiers Community Telegram group now has over 2600 active members.

250+ media stories have come out about Blue Frontiers and Varyon since we opened the presale. Here are some of the highlights:

Nathalie Mezza-Garcia, political scientist and ‘Seavangelesse’ interviewed on CNBC

Watch the full interview here.

Business Insider

Joe Quirk hopes that the city will serve as “an incubation hub to develop wave energy generation technologies, floating solar, materials science, algae-based food and fuel, sea water air conditioning (SWAC), desalination, and marine education.” -Business Insider

Our token design has been adjusted with considerable input from expert advisers and community input. We will keep the whitepaper in draft format until our main sale so that we can continue to improve it based on additional feedback. Read the full whitepaper here or just the tokenomics.

We are thrilled to have the support of Michael Arrington, as well as Arrington Capital’s participation in the Varyon presale.

Over the past few months we have established a number of new strategic partnerships with organizations we are proud to be collaborating with. These include Kleros, Berge, ARCSA, and more.

Blue Frontiers is establishing strategic partnerships with organizations in the realms of governance, blockchain, sustainability, engineering, and tourism. These partners align with our goals to experiment with societal structures and establish systems for rapid innovation through trial and error.

Please enjoy this video we made in collaboration with Swedish design studio Berge.

With great anticipation of the first seasteads,

Joe, Randy, Marc, Nic, Egor, Nathalie, Laurel, Karina, Bart, Greg, Benno, Gabrielle, Joshua, Carly, O.Shane, Bryan and the many dozens of advisors and professionals at Blue Frontiers.

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