Thanks to the ZenCash Community for Participating in the Varyon Presale

On July 15 we closed the Varyon presale, having raised 3100 ETH total.

We brought in 6899.29 ZEN from buyers all over the world.

We’d like to thank the ZenCash team and community for partnering with us for the presale, and we look forward to collaborating more as both projects develop. Those interested in participating in the upcoming main sale can sign up for the whitelist here.

Blue Frontiers is the first company in the world building seasteads — modular floating communities stationed in SeaZones — Special Economic Zones in protected waters. ZenCash is a peer-to-peer, privacy-oriented blockchain system built on zero-knowledge cryptography. It has been referred to as the grandson of Bitcoin, and it has remained faithful to Satoshi’s original vision of privacy, security, and decentralization by using liquid democracy on its software protocol.

ZenCash’s April 2018 upgrade specification explains that ZenCash “goes well beyond the traditional cryptocurrency in that it is designed to be sort of a startup nation.” This is one of many reasons a strategic partnership with Blue Frontiers is appealing to both groups. Rob Viglione, co-founder of ZenCash, would like to use the Zen platform to implement liquid democracy for seastead governance. “I’ve always been a supporter of decentralization. When I came across seasteading, I saw that these guys are actually building decentralized human societies.” Rob said at a Blue Frontiers Meetup in Zurich in April.

“The ZenCash system was made to create inclusive, democratic control and prevent having only a few people in control all of our resources.” Rob eagerly accepted the opportunity to become one of Blue Frontiers’ advisors in subjects related to our token, Varyon (VAR). In 2017, Rob took two trips to French Polynesia, the most likely location of our first seasteading project.

ZenCash wants its community to become part of the future with decentralized communities on the ocean. If you want to find out more about the synergy between Blue Frontiers and ZenCash, you can listen to or watch this podcast Nathalie Mezza-Garcia hosted with Rob. In it, she and Rob talked about how decentralization, both of blockchain platforms and of governance, brings security; how it is important to use blockchain technologies to create multiple competing DAOs; and how the technologies behind ZenCash and of Blue Frontiers can be at the core of the advancement of more evolved human societies.