Varyon presale: One more day!

On July 14 we will close the presale. Participate here.

Minimum purchase amount 1 Ether

1 Ether = 14,750 Varyon

1–10 Ether — 5% Bonus

10–40 Ether — 10% Bonus

40+ Ether — 15% Bonus

We welcome buyers from all over the world excluding China. US buyers must be accredited.

We have made significant changes to our Whitepaper. Read the entire whitepaper or just the tokenomics.

Join the conversation in Telegram,

we now have over 2600 members

Strategic Partners

Learn more and buy Varyon.

With great anticipation of the first seasteads,

Joe, Randy, Marc, Nic, Egor, Nathalie, Laurel, Karina, Bart, Greg, Benno, Gabrielle, Joshua, Carly, O.Shane, Bryan and the many dozens of advisors and professionals at Blue Frontiers.

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