Ready to ride bluegogo? Here’s how!

San Franciscans! Are you ready for an easier way to get to your favorite places around the city? Just pick up a bluegogo bike and be on your way! 🚴 Here’s how to ride:

⬇️️️ Download the bluegogo app:

Available for iOS or Android.

🔍 Search a bike near you:

Bikes are available throughout the city so it’s easy to hop on and get to all of the places that you want to go. Open the bluegogo app to see all of the available bikes near you! (the full list of bluegogo stations is available within the app and here).


To reserve a bike, simply click the one nearest to you and tap reserve now! If you don’t see a bike station near you yet, stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we are expanding our coverage!

🔓 Unlock:

The app is your key 🔑 to the bike ! Use it to scan any QR codes located on the bike and that’s it, bike is unlocked and you’re ready to go!

🚴 Just Ride!

Take a short ride or bike across the city — the choice is yours! In the bluegogo app, you can check out your riding history, paths taken, riding duration, calories burned, and the CO2 emissions you’ve removed from our planet. We’re all about keeping our planet green! 😄

🔒 Locking the bike:

When you finish the ride, easily return your bluegogo bike to any of the stations (list of bluegogo stations can be found within the app or here) and lock it.

To lock the bike, simply push the lever located on the rear wheel. The ring tone 🔔 after locking means it is properly locked and you are good to go 😎.

Once you lock your bike, it will be available again for other bluegogo riders to reserve.

Easy and affordable!

bluegogo is the choice if you are looking for a healthy, convenient and affordable way to commute around! The cost is only $0.99 for every 30 mins.

Download the app TODAY on iOS or Android and get 5 rides FREE.

Wanna know more details? Check the ‘how to bluegogo’ video.

🚴 Nothing holds you back. Just ride.

Questions? Comments? Email us at if you have any questions. We’re always happy to chat!