Being anonymous gives you the Power

There is something about being anonymous that I like so much . You can be anything you want when people don’t expect you to be you . Expectations stops from what you really wants to be it stops you from you being the real you . People starts judging you once they know who you are . Only a name can give you a stereotype image . People judge each other way to early and so starts expecting things .I believe

The toughest challenge in this world is being what you are because thus world will try its best to make you like everyone else .

There was a music band called “The Residents” they were never the biggest band of the century but there was something about them, they were what they were . To this day nobody knows who they really were or who they really are because they never unmasked themselves . They were asked in an interview why they wear mask every time and than the reply

Being anonymous gives you the power and authority of who you really are because no one is expecting you to be someone .

Being anonymous can bring the best or the worst of you but that would be the real you .

But they also say

With great power comes great responsibilities .