The Glitch

What if I tell you that your brain has a glitch . A glitch or a cheat code that will take you to god . A glitch so beautiful stored in your brain that even you don’t have an idea about it. As stupid it may sound but there has to be a glitch in there somewhere .

You don’t know about the glitch because you are not supposed to know about the glitch because if you find it then everything that the world wants you to believe in will make no sense at all to you.

Your own brain stops you from cracking the glitch . But there is a way to crack the glitch .

What you need to crack through the GLITCH

“Everything you need is on the other side of fear” — Jack Canfield

If you can control you fear and take control over your fear than you can go through that glitch and see what the call the god .

May be this is just a theory but there is a little chance that this is not just a theory. Try for yourself