I’m sorry for me no independence day ….still we r slave of corrupt politician and black day for me and family thinking of kids who died in UP.

I in particular am very patriotic and get goosebumps when I hear the National Anthem or see programs of the Indian Defence and all and very proud to say I AM AN INDIAN.
I am not sure of the authenticity of this Video but I am 100% sure of something and it’s my in-depth study of Kerala.
No insult to anyone and I salute all those freedom fighters of Kerala, can’t help saying that, When even a state like Nagaland which declared their independence on 14th August and the Under Ground Federal Governments still fight (Governments because there are many groups now where there was only one then) celebrate and know the hardship of gaining independence, Kerala, on the other hand, is the only state in India where the mass have never known the struggle of Independence at all and in that matter no major war or natural calamity or famine till date.
Though we the Keralites (Keralite or Malayalies or Mallus) are very patriotic today, we don’t have that feel of this day as that the rest of the country has nor does the common man celebrate it in a big way. This is because no stories of such big independence struggle have been passed on to generations by elders of that time including my grandparents but rather they have only passed on to us about all those about our kings and the traders here. This was because Kerala was never ruled by anyone, including the Jews, Chinese and Arabs who came much before the French, Danish, Portuguese or the British were all welcome for trade of Spices and live and let live as the region has been a prominent spice exporter since 3000 BCE.
No insult to anyone and I salute all those freedom fighters but though there were many Keralites who participated in the struggle and many in the forefront too. Most of the freedom fighters (Except few) were there when Mahatma Gandhi came with The Salt March, also known as the Dandi March and the Dandi Satyagraha or were with Subhas Chandra Bose as workers or so.
Now to the Nagas in particular, Kerala is one state that was never India though we fully say and are proud to be Indians. After independence, Travancore and Cochin joined the Republic of India and Travancore-Cochin was given the status of a state in 1949. In 1956, Kerala state was formed by merging Malabar district, Travancore-Cochin (excluding four southern taluks of Kanyakumari district), and the taluk of Kasaragod (now Kasaragod District), South Kanara (Tulunad). So neither were we that old India till 1947 nor were we forced into India but due to our tolerance of Live and let live we are proud Indians and so are we very proud to be the most developed state in India in all terms.

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