Why I Left the Right: How Studying Religion Made Me a Liberal
Susie Meister

I’m brand new to Medium, having just signed up this morning after a recommendation from a dear friend who knows how much I need this outlet in my life. Yours was the first post I read.

My experience is much like yours. I was raised in a staunchly conservative, right-wing household where some of my earliest memories involve Republican meetings and political rallies, learning about government, meeting candidates and politicians.

After a series of life experiences, including higher education (finishing my bachelor’s at a Presbyterian University), I found that my faith could no longer reconcile with what I knew in my heart to be true about Christ. This led me from 30+ years as a faithful Baptist, to the Episcopal faith, and what has become an increasing leaning to the left way of thinking.

I was raised to believe that there were no such things as “moderates”. Moderates were just people that didn’t have a spine and either (a) couldn’t make up their minds or (b) had allowed the world to corrupt them into socialist thinking.

The entire Episcopal denomination is built on the “via media” — that in-between place where you can reasonably hear both sides of an argument and understand that there are merits to both schools of thought.

And I believe that we are the generation that will eventually crash the two party system that has become the joke of this country.

I have come to realize that pro-life, if it truly means sanctity of all life, should include caring for the poor, the homeless, the death-row inmates, as well as the unborn.

I have come to realize that religious equality cannot only apply the the religions of the majority. Lest we all lose our freedoms.

I have come to realize that gun ownership is a protected right of the constitution, but that all of our rights should be governed with a sense of responsibility and the understanding that, yes, there are some people that should not own them.

This and more. I’m steadily in a place of growth in both my faith and my politics. The ones who stop growing, or who have never seriously evaluated their convictions are the ones that scare me.

I look forward to reviewing your body of work and am a little bit rattled at how instantly I made a connection to what was written in the first post I opened.

God does work in mysterious ways…..

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