First Month with me

I would never imagine how much I could discover of myself in one month. At first, I started to get a little bored, but after few days of just having me for a good talk I learned a lot about the only person I always ignore…me

Hearing yourself can always be hard when outer voices are louder than your inner one.

Travelling alone is something I have always felt like an easy thing to do, but after being some days in an amazing city as Rome and having dinner with the company of a glass of Rosé and my cigarette, I now understand how hard and amazing it actually is. Now, cities as Rome, Madrid and Barcelona have a different meaning to my personal growth.

Every single problem that seem so big when I was home now feels so small and I trust myself so much that being with me isn’t scary anymore.

Understanding what I want is way easier now, maybe today I need 5 hours for my reading and maybe tomorrow I won’t even grab my books but I will walk a whole city. Who knows, the only thing I really know is that this stage has given me more happiness than any other in my life. It is the thoughest, scariest month of my life but also the one that made me the happiest person I know.

“Como cansa ser el mismo todo el tiempo” (How boring it can be to be the same all the time) [quote from Juntos Extraños by El Gaviero]

With love,


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