Kellyanne Conway is the Fashionista We Never Knew We Needed

At a time when Republicans and Democrats are at each other’s throats, there is one woman who can bring us together. That woman? Kellyanne Conway. Bare with me now. Even if you identify as a Democrat, refusing to keep an eye on Kellyanne and her fashion choices for the next four years because of her political party, well, that’s your loss.

Reuters/Joshua Roberts

Much has been made of Kellyanne Conway’s inauguration outfit. Depending on your take, her $3600 Gucci coat was “Revolutionary”, Paddington Bear-esque, or it was an homage to the new AFC Champions, the New England Patriots. She got a lot of heat for this risky look. Yeah, so maybe the felted hat didn’t really work, but the cinched belt and the cat buttons? Instant classic.

AP/Carolyn Kaster

Since finding out the jacket is Gucci, and seeing other people even try to pull this look off, it’s clear no one wears it like Kellyanne. I even found myself looking at a photo of John Fluevog Mezzo boots (currently on sale!) that came across my Instagram feed, thinking, “these would go great with Kellyanne’s coat!” Note to Fluevog, you should really think of making these in red!

This isn’t the first time I’ve been wowed by Kellyanne’s outfits this presidential cycle. Back in November of 2016, Kellyanne dressed as Supergirl, at a party honoring Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton. Again, she stole the show.

AP/Evan Vucci

Honestly, I didn’t know a lot about Kellyanne before the 2015 Presidential primaries. I’d seen her as a pundit and pollster on CNN a few times, first attacking Trump, and then defending him when she was hired on as his campaign manager. So I went down the Kellyanne google image search rabbithole. Was this new fashion “it girl” just now coming into her own style or was she born with it? You be the judge.

AP/Timothy A. Clary

Before she was THE Kellyanne Conway, she was New Jersey’s Kellyanne Fitzpatrick. Even as a child, she had style, and apparently, she was also a fan of “Gone with the Wind”.

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Kellyanne went through an awkward phase, as we all do in puberty. I’m not wild about this look, but it’s definitely on trend and she fit in well with others in the 1980s. Myself, I had a spiral perm, 2 inch high bangs that I recurled and sprayed at lunchtime with my portable curling iron, so I judge no one…but I can’t help thinking, did Kellyanne get a nose job?

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Anyone who has ever been a bridesmaid knows that you’re at the mercy of the bride. You spend hours, days, maybe months going to store after store as you help the bride pick out her dress AND YOURS, and try to make sure you won’t look like shit because you know those photos are going to be around for the rest of your life. Or you just say fuck it and get what you get. It appears this is the path Kelly Anne chose, or her cousin (the bride) just hates her. Points for the choker, though, as we know those are making a comeback. So 90s! Also, Kellyanne is giving me major Skyler White vibes here.

Provided, c/o Press of Atlantic City

In the 90s, Kellyanne started popping up on your TV. Here she is appearing on Charlie Rose in 1996 in a roundtable discussion of which candidates would win the important “soccer mom” vote in the 1996 general election. This being PBS, she practices a more restrained look. A maroon turtleneck with a shoulderpadded tweed blazer, and her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Kellyanne blows the other guests away with this chic, preppy look, that you may have seen your school principal, bank manager, or hospital administrator wearing. Appropriate for Charlie Rose.

In 2002, a newlywed Kellyanne poses with her husband George and corgi Jesse in an issue of Washington Life. She’s gone a little bit platinum, and here you can already see her style begin to loosen and blossom. A fitted rucched blouse with a crochet lace slit sleeve hints at what is to come. Tip: she probably should have chosen a color that didn’t match her walls or her corgi.

P2 Photographic/Anton Papich and Jeffrey Prehn

And you know what? I think she realized that. She saw this photo, published in a who’s who of Washington elites, and thought, as god as my witness, I’ll never match my corgi (or walls, carpet, flowers, and fireplace) again. And over the years, she worked on her style.

In August of 2015, Kellyanne Conway was thrust into the 24–7 news cycle, as she became Donald Trump’s campaign manager, and she attempted to become the first woman to successfully run a Presidential campaign.

AP/Michael Ein

Sure her choices might be a little unconventional, but they were never boring. Girl loves her hats, but it also seems she loves her fur. Kellyanne: do better.

We all know how the story ends. On November 8, 2016 Donald Trump won the electoral college, and thus the Presidency, and Kellyanne was right there by his side.

Reuters/Mike Segar

While all of the media is focused on what Melania is wearing, Kellyanne Conway has become the one to watch. Designers should be fighting to dress her. Her inaugural outfit was iconic. Take a bow, Kellyanne. You’ve earned it.

AP/Evan Vucci