The Multiverse for non-scientists
Ethan Siegel

Novice here, so please go easy on me.

This is a fascinating article. What keeps nagging at me has to do with the measurement of time and distance in the Cosmic arena.

Comparing the given facts that the Big Bang occurred 13.77 billion years ago and we are now able to see 46 billion years into our Universe seems to support what has been taken for granted: Our Universe is expanding.

That said, what kind of Time (or measurement of distances) are we talking about? Solar Time — no; Atomic Clock Time; Speed of Light; or Time based on the accepted laws of our own Universe (in consideration of the third possibility of the Multiverse theorem)?

You mentioned weird in your article so, here is my weird question…

Is it possible that what we now accept to be facts about Time, might be flawed or incomplete — keeping us from stepping outside the box of current day assumptions like there being only one Universe; that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light; and other entrenched Potentially Limiting views?

If so, could this not be what is preventing or distracting us from seeing alternate universes (again referring to option three of the Multiverse Theorem); alternate physics; and alternate realities; that are vastly different from our own current perceptions? So intricately connected and interlaced (possible vital to our very existence) that we cannot clearly see such constructs because we are focused to intensely on what we this IS there instead of what we think is NOT there?