Full-Time Esports

Hey everyone, I have some big news to share! Tomorrow is going to be my last day with Liquid. I won’t be going too far, though, so don’t worry! You might remember that after Seeson began working with Razer, Monster needed someone to fill his (very large) shoes. Well, they made me a great offer, which I graciously accepted, and I will be moving to California to work with Monster Energy as their Community Manager for Gaming and Esports!

I just want to say “thank you” to LiquidDota, Team Liquid, and anyone that I had the privilege of working over the past year. I definitely wouldn’t have gotten this job if it wasn’t for the opportunity Julmust and TheEmulator first gave me at LiquidDota, and then what Caleb, Ken, and Lichter gave me on the pro side, so a very special thanks to those guys. I literally couldn’t have done this without you. Achieving my goal of going full-time in esports is directly because of you and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I’m also definitely going to miss the “dogs” I worked with on a daily basis, Hayl and Lewart. I’ve learned way too many weird (yet, amazing) Australian phrases and have gotten flamed more than I care to admit, but you guys always made my day. Caleb, good luck now that it’s just the three of you (because we all know I was the well-behaved one) xD

One of the best parts about my new job is that I’ll still be working with Team Liquid even though I won’t be working for the company, so if you see me at events, PLEASE SAY “HI” BECAUSE I WILL MISS ALL OF YOU. Additionally, since I’ll be living pretty close to LA if you ever wanna grab dinner, sing karaoke (what Taylor Swift song are we singing together, Ken?), or go out on the town, you can always ping me and we can make plans!

Thanks again, everyone! ❤

PS: To my Discord babies, I’ll still be around to chat and play games with. I will not be going anywhere from the server, even though I won’t be Liquid Staff anymore. I promised you I wouldn’t leave and that promise is one I intend to keep! I love you all even if you are pains in my ass from time to time ;)

“ Standing on a hill in my mountain of dreams,
Telling myself it’s not as hard, hard, hard as it seems”