This naive and misguided article perpetuates the prevailing myth, which is unfortunately being…
Traditional Tradesman

“When you think about your problems, stop thinking about the role of other people and start thinking a little bit more about yourself. If more people in this country stopped looking to cast blame and concoct victimization narratives and, instead, took personal responsibility, we’d get a lot further a whole lot faster.”

Throughout your response, you have repeatedly suggested that racism is the sole responsibility of the discriminated and that to solve it they must shut up and accept it.

This is a sentiment shared by many people when it comes to racism. However, this attitude shifts a great deal when the form of discrimination discussed is anti-Semitism or homophobia or transphobia. When it comes to these forms of discrimination, they are far less likely to be silenced and people welcome discussion and are willing to empathize with Jewish, gay, or transgendered people who face oppression through discrimination. So why should racism be any different? Racism is systematic and pervasive. Research shows it costs people opportunities in employment, education, it has even cost people their lives.

History has shown us time and time again that the best way to secure equality for all is to bring injustices to light, engaging all members of society, and implementing change through laws to safeguard rights to all. History has also proved that discouraging discussion of society’s issues (as the matter of racism should not matter only to racial minorities and anti-Semitism should not matter only to Jewish people and homophobia should not matter only to gay people) serves only to alienate discriminated groups and facilitate the perpetuation of injustices.

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