My Personal Pink Time Documentary

Cancer is a terrible disease. It can take our loved ones from us long before we’re ready to say goodbye. In my own family, I have lost grandparents on both sides due to cancer. Thankfully I have other relatives who have survived cancer. My stepmom is a breast cancer survivor herself. It has been something that has affected our family for over 15 years.

Most people also know that to fight cancer, you’re going to need chemo and radiation therapy. And it’s easy to see someone two years after their treatment when they look completely normal and healthy again, and forget what they’ve actually been through. It is rare that you actually get to see what happens to someone from the moment they receive their cancer diagnosis, all the way through to chemo, radiation, and recovery.

In 2015, Tammy Myers was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33. A mother and wife, she was terrified of leaving them behind. She decided to document her journey all the way from the beginning, and to show the real and raw journey that comes along with a cancer diagnosis. A photographer herself, she reached out to another local photographer to take pictures along the way. In November, she asked if I would be interested in putting all of this together in a video.

Looking through hundreds of photos, it was clear this would not be an ordinary project for me. The pictures were so vivid and real and each one carried so much emotion. I put together an outline for the video, and Tammy was able to write an amazing script to use for narration. We filmed her at her house, and as she said the words they took on a whole new meaning and emotion.

Tammy is still fighting, she is still recovering. As she says she is learning to live again, and to laugh again. She was so brave to share her story, and I hope that you will share it as well.

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