This sounds amazing and I’m excited to have a tinker with it but I’m concerned about the size of…
Jack Rimell

xcomponent.frame.min.js shows up for me at just under 39k for me gzipped, which is only about 4k larger than React.

That said, I’d definitely like to reduce the distributed file size. Unfortunately there’s a lot of redundancy to make sure everything works seamlessly when dealing with lots of cross domain windows and frames in browsers dating back to IE9, and avoiding leaking memory by making sure everything is cleaned up — but I’m definitely in favor of cutting back any unnecessary code and being smarter about building and minifying the code.

If you take a look and see anything obvious that’s missing, or that seems to be really weighing down the build, please feel free to leave somegithub issues or even PRs.

At the very least, I don’t have any new significant features planned on top of what’s already there, so can probably spend some time to focus on cutting stuff back.

Thanks, and all the best! -Daniel

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