Inspired to Inspire

We’re looking forward to creating more change in 2015. But first, a throwback to the (inspiring) 2014 Oakland Digital Literacy Inspiration Awards.

Here at Blueprint, we have the vision of bridging technology and social good. At the 2014 Inspiration Awards, hosted by Oakland Digital Arts and Literacy Center (ODALC) on December 11, we were reminded yet again that this vision is shared by many — and it is through such collective effort that remarkable change can be achieved.

From left to right: Michelle Chow, Byron Zhang, Kevin Wu, Atsunori Kakitani

This year, Blueprint was invited as 2014’s Inspiration in Technology Award winner. We are so thrilled to have received this honor!

The night gathered and celebrated innovators in our community who are enabling social change in technology, business, and artistic creativity. It was definitely an incredible way to end 2014.

Our Work with ODALC

We teamworked towards change. Here are the main projects we tackled:

  • We set up billboards around Oakland to inspire the community and increase publicity about the organization.
  • We created a new online platform to help:
  1. tech/design professionals around the Bay Area teach classes at ODALC (and ease the process of signing up).
  2. local businesses connect with local design/tech professionals searching for work opportunities.
Three of Blueprint’s founders: Jae Ryoo, Shirley Liu, Noel Moldvai

What Has Inspired Us

More about us (credit: ODALC)

Co-Founder: Jae Ryoo

Oakland Digital showed me what it means for a community to care about each other and its people.
It is the gold standard for the type of organizations Blueprint strives to work with: an organization grown from the community with a clear passion and vision for something greater than themselves.

Project Lead: Atsu Kakitani

The people at Oakland Digital are some of the most passionate people I’ve met, and just seeing how hard they work to do what they believe in has definitely inspired me to work just as hard on our project.
The Awards made me realize the amount of impact Blueprint has already been able to make, but also how much potential we have to help so many more people.

Project Developer: Byron Zhang

As computer scientists and engineers, the work we do is often behind the scenes. This makes sense after all, since the tools we create are to enable people — the true heroes — to better do the amazing work that they already do. But as a result, we rarely interact with the front-facing elements of the world — media, entertainment, and even the people who we’re building it all for.
I learned that there isn’t anything more gratifying and inspiring to an engineer than seeing the impact of his work directly on the people whose lives he is trying to improve.

A Special Shout-Out

To Shaun Tai & the Oakland Digital Arts and Literacy Center team:

  • Thank you for the clear, defined vision you brought to the project from the beginning, and the passion so evident in your work.
  • Thank you for showcasing our work and conveying the importance of what we accomplished together.
  • Thank you for acknowledging us as fellow dreamers and community-builders for the work you give so much to!

Thanks for reading!

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