Six Nonprofits, Six Missions, Six Projects — One Degree of Separation

Blueprint’s mission is to make beautiful engineering accessible and useful for those who create communities and promote public welfare.

In ordinary English, this means that we strive to offer pro bono technology to local nonprofits by employing smart and passionate computer science and design students, who spend their extra time outside of class building out these beautiful projects.

We are excited to reveal the six incredible nonprofit organizations we have selected as our clients for this semester. Each of these six organizations have been chosen for their amazing impact in their corresponding social sectors and for their exciting project propositions.

Learn more about these fantastic nonprofits and the technologies Blueprint has in store for them below.

Elevate Africa

Mission: Elevate Africa seeks to create sustainable economic growth in the poorest regions of Africa by helping local entrepreneurs build businesses that make a difference.

Project: Blueprint will redesign a beautiful new website for Elevate Africa to tell their story in a unique and engaging way. Through this project, Blueprint aims to change the game by diverging from the typical nonprofit website layout and revitalizing the way nonprofits like Elevate Africa can convey their story and mission.

Food Shift

Mission: Food Shift is dedicated to discovering innovative solutions for food waste and hunger by connecting those who have surplus food to those in need.

Project: Blueprint will develop a Ruby on Rails web platform that will help Food Shift streamline the coordination of food redistribution from food donors to volunteers to recipients. The goal of this application is to simplify the process of food redistribution so that, hopefully in the future, multiple similar nonprofits can utilize such an application to tackle food surplus and hunger all across the world.

Project Homeless Connect

Mission: Project Homeless Connect helps connect the homeless with essential services such as healthcare, dental care, haircuts, identification papers, etc.

Project: Blueprint will build an Android mobile application that will replace Project Homeless Connect’s current paper registration system for their services, and also provide data on the services that are being used. This mobile application will optimize their registration process and analyze their data in order to generate feedback on how best to serve the homeless population of San Francisco.


Mission: Re-Volv invests in community solar installations for other nonprofits and other cooperatives in order to promote sustainable energy while energizing local communities.

Project: Blueprint will create a crowdfunding web platform using Django that will allow people to donate to a variety of community solar projects in which Re-Volv invests. The platform will also allow these donors to redirect their donations to other projects as communities pay back these investments.

The Watershed Project

Mission: The Watershed Project works to restore and preserve the unique ecosystems that make up the San Francisco Bay.

Project: Blueprint will construct a cross-platform (iOS and Android) mobile application that allows The Watershed Project volunteers to input field observations, delegate tasks efficiently, and track the progress of ongoing tasks. With this application, The Watershed Project volunteers will be able to easily view and manage the status of each of their ecological sites.


Mission: Worldreader aims to bring digital books to every child and his family in order to promote worldwide literacy.

Project: Blueprint will develop an online library in the form of a Ruby on Rails web application that will allow Worldreader to congregate and deliver culturally relevant e-books to students internationally. This web application will allow Worldreader to optimally and efficiently organize their e-books for easy access and distribution to students all across the world.

Now that you have met our six amazing nonprofit clients and checked out their websites, stay tuned in with Blueprint to hear updates on our projects, our events, and our organization. We hope by providing more transparency in our endeavors, we can bring awareness to the incipient union of the young tech industry and the nonprofit sector — a relationship that will positively impact not only both parties but the world as a whole. We are looking forward to a fun and challenging semester with these exciting new projects!

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