Full-Stack Software Developer

Jan 3 · 2 min read

We’re looking to hire an experienced Senior Software Developer to head up our development Team in London.

Blueprint is reimagining how you communicate and purchase from brands, creators and services. We’re on the lookout for a full-stack JS Developer to join our tight-knit development team as we scale operations. You’ll be developing with the latest frontend and backend tech, based on React, React Native, serverless, AWS Lambda and node.js.

You will work directly with an extremely experienced CTO. You’ll join a scrappy team that values speed, transparency and thinking outside the box. We value the aptitude to learn and grow vs traditional education and set way of thinking. We place emphasis on having built side-projects or being self-taught — coming from an angle with fresh ideas and out-of-the-box ways of doing things.

🔧 Requirements…

- At least 3 years’ commercial software development experience, with the last 2 years in one or more of the common frameworks (React, Angular, Vue, Ember, Express etc.)

- At least 2 years commercial experience with node.js

- Solid Vanilla JavaScript

👋 Would be great to have experience with…

- Serverless infrastructure (AWS Lambda / serverless.js)

- Natural language processing sophistication and machine learning

- Transactional infrastructure (Stripe)

📬 The role…

- East London office based (Bethnal Green)

- Office hours (Mon Fri: 8am — 6pm) ~ Flexible

- Salary based on experience (£60 K +)

- Start: Immediately

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, please drop us a message:

harvey@citybrands.info (CEO)

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Reimagining how you communicate and purchase products from brands, creators and services.

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