“We don’t need you”

I see a lot of frustration with progressives. Frustration that we’re trying to make the party something that doesn’t appeal to majority of liberals. Frustration that we’re continuing to fight democrats instead of fighting the GOP and Trump. Frustration that we don’t understand what is at stake. Frustration that we won’t hold our nose, and in doing so are allowing regression to happen. I know to a great deal of liberals, these things seem monumental. So much so that every day I screencap tweets telling various progressives to get out of the democratic party and start their own. (Side note: if you come across this, feel free to tag me in to screencap it @bluepurplerain) Liberals are so angry that they are employing the same losing strategy that contributed to the outcome of the most contentious election in modern history.

I get that you’re frustrated. You all go to sleep when a democrat is elected because you think your job is done, you can trust them to take care of things. So, Trump was definitely a rude awakening that disturbed your pleasant slumber. One that you’re incredibly resentful of. We ruined everything for you.

I’m here to tell you that you ruined everything for yourselves. To put things into the perspective that you are either ignoring, or genuinely not understanding, if so much was at stake, if we are so close to a fascist dictatorship and the dystopian reality of The Handmaid’s Tale, why would the party risk so much by nominating Hillary Clinton? Put aside the fact that you think she was the most qualified candidate ever. Put aside that you desperately wanted that glass ceiling to come crashing down. Put aside that you feel all of the criticisms against her were unwarranted and unjust. Put aside your obvious partisan biases. As I am reminded on a daily basis, there was a 30 year vast right wing conspiracy against her. She was the only candidate that could have lost to Donald Trump, whom by the way, her campaign worked to elevate and make a viable candidate.

The party discouraged any challengers from opposing her, and actively worked against the one who refused to back down. They did so due to all of those reasons you think she should have won. The sheer arrogance and hubris of thinking that she could not only overcome the multiple obstacles, but thinking she shouldn’t even have to appeal to more than “radical centrists” because her opponent was a crass reality tv show host. If so much was at stake, why take this risk?

Because you are out of touch. Because you thought that America was already great. Because your tunnel vision only allows you to see the people who were doing well that will now suffer at the hands of the GOP. Because you either forgot about or don’t care about those that have suffered at the hands of the Democratic party. So, the only conclusion that I can draw from this seemingly selective outrage, is that you don’t see anything wrong when a Democrat commits these crimes. Your judgement is impaired and quite frankly, untrustworthy. You thought Hillary Clinton was a great candidate, she lost to Donald Trump. You thought America was already great, while we are regressing into a developing nation for majority of the population. You wanted the status quo.

And instead of learning the lessons you should have learned from 2016, you’re doubling down. You’re fielding weak candidates who push republican positions and try to pass them off as progressive. You’re fighting against single payer, which is so popular that there are even Republicans and Libertarians who want it. You’re insulting people that you think should be on your side. For a party that cares so much about winning they are willing to cast out members of their own party for not toeing the line, you are doing everything you can to keep losing.

If you want our support, you need to earn it. Stand with us. Demand more from your representatives, because after all, that is their ENTIRE job: to represent us. Hold them to account. Instead of dumping over $50 Million into a candidate like Ossoff, demand that money be redirected to fix the pipes in Flint so that those fellow citizens can have clean water to drink. Stop pandering to identity politics, and take a look around you. People are homeless, people are hungry, people are sick, people are poor. And Trump did not cause those things. He’s an easy scapegoat, but focusing on getting him impeached isn’t going to help those people find a place to live, find a job and get their next meal.

Read Listen, Liberal and start standing for the people in America that you’ve been neglecting. Stop making everything about the party and being a democrat: those things don’t matter. I don’t care if you’re a democrat or a republican; we are all people. And contrary to what you keep telling me, you DO need us. You cannot win without us. And, all you’re accomplishing is losing even more voters. So, we’re not going to let you take the reigns without opposition any longer. Your judgement has shown that you will only continue to run the Country into the ground over your party purity.

A lesson in how to lose in 2020
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