Stunting the Growth of Our Youth

Going through the entire American school system since birth and seeing the effects on countless individuals that I know I can say that it is highly antiquated and useless. From my research I know that the current American system was developed centuries ago during the Industrial era. This is an important piece of information because it helps to frame the origination of the current system.

The idea of you going to someone and saying tell me what to do and they pay you a lot of money is fading fast in our current society. During the Industrial era, they (I use the term “they” loosely to describe whoever developed the system) needed to emphasize compliance for current students because the jobs they were being prepared for were factory jobs. Keep in mind that factory jobs didn’t need free or creative thinkers, they just needed individuals that knew how to comply with the rules. With the current system you are made to sit in a classroom from 8–3 with a lunch and physical education class in between. I think the system is seriously broken because the individuals that can think outside of the box usually make more money. To be exact, those that realize that there is not a box to begin with make the most money.

High school is a sham but college is an even bigger sham in my opinion. Depending on your major college could be useless. I, myself, have a degree from Arkansas Tech University in Business Management. No offense, to my college or to current business students but I feel like a business degree is useless if the school of business doesn’t concentrate on the right things. I have learned more from starting my current business than I ever did in college. I was in no way prepared by my college to tackle the task of opening a business, I basically learned everything I needed from reading and doing my own research. We didn’t even learn how to file a LLC or any kind of organization for that matter. I just feel that if you are going to develop a business that you necessarily don’t have to go to business school. I encourage all of my friends and also younger people that come to me for advice to major in a technical degree or something that actually guarantees you a job. For example, nursing, or anything computer or IT related. The current structure of the job market favors those type of degrees and specializations.

Not to mention, the price of college has skyrocketed which is also is a deterrent to me. To ask individuals at the age of 17 or 18 to make a life altering decision such as choosing a major isn’t the best way to foster growth in our youth to me. There has to be a better system to help individuals figure out what they want to do. In my opinion, college learning and capitalism have become almost synonymous with each other. This isn’t a good thing because once individuals start focusing on making money they lose focus on the real purpose of college, which is to prepare current students for life and jobs. Clearly, right now colleges are focusing more on profit than the student. Not to mention the textbook industry, but that’s another story.

Anyway, the school system should emphasize creative thinking and problem solving more than they focus on compliance and other things that are accessible through our phones. Technology has made access to information easier so I feel that some subjects should be scaled back and others should be emphasized more. I could go on forever but that is a short synopsis of how I feel about the current job system.

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