This truly touched and humbled me.
Jackie Ann

“I write because of the spiritual currency is provides for me; because it makes me rich beyond measure.” — This is the treasure that can never be taken away from us, but the more we give and the more we share this treasure, the greater our riches become. It goes beyond the limits of the sky, reaching the edges of the universe.

“I’m here to spread a message through writing and help people feel connected to something beyond their physical reality.” — This is divine. My mentor would always remind me that we are here to help each other awaken, to remember what we have forgotten. You are a personification of this divinity and your words are silent echoes from beyond this dream.

“Believe me, I needed to hear this now because I’ve been feeling very discouraged lately.” — I believe you. It actually feels like the entire world has been discouraged lately. There is an unspoken, unexpressed chaos lingering from within. I could feel that and my energy sunk at some point. At the end of the day, we close our eyes and we find peace with our inner being. I am grateful that somewhere out there, like you, like me, can find an ineffable connection and joy and extend that outside of ourselves.

I developed an admiration to the energy that you emanate. It feels peaceful and solemn. Having said that, I am reminded of Rumi’s words, “ When you feel a peaceful joy, that’s when you are near truth.” That exactly describes how I feel with your writings. My heart recognizes the truth in them. Though I feel like I have talked too much, I will not apologize. In this life, it’s not everyday that we will encounter and experience such connection and so I am always grateful. No matter who we are, at the core of our humanity, we are all one and the same. I recognize the language of your heart because I recognize my very own. Thank you for being the spark that made me write this response. I am grateful for your presence.