The Line I Wish Michelle Obama Hadn't Said in Her Badass DNC Speech
Rebecca Rose Thering

Just an opinion with regards to competition. I think, our sense of competition is reflected by our intention. We might ask ourselves “why do we compete?” Why do we need it? We can always examine our intentions as I think it is one if not the only driving force behind our actions. There are instances when we group ourselves, let’s say into two to three groups, in a classroom or in our company meetings, to brainstorm, to come up with different ideas but driven by a common goal, for the benefit of ALL. Inclusivity. Now, when we submit ourselves to superlatives such as the greatest, the best, there is a subtle tone of “comparison” within those lines. Is comparison the same as competition? Is it driven by the same intent? Do they share common characteristics? This is just an open-ended thought of mine. It will be greatly appreciated if you can help my rambling mind come up with a conclusive thought on this. Peace! 😄

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