My neighbor’s narra tree

The Tree And I

As I was staring at the big old narra tree from a distance, looking at its leafless branches as it awaited spring, there was this space between my eyes and its stillness. For a moment, for a very brief moment, I felt a sudden expansion inside my chest, as if the tree stared back at me and spoke.

There was this space between my eyes and its stillness

I felt its life in my entire veins, like a jolt! As if its life was also mine. At that very brief moment, I felt this kind of peace that was very different from my mere idea of it. I can try to describe how it felt but… that peace was ineffable.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I am not a writer but I love to write and put my thoughts out there. I believe we all have something to share with each other. Let us spread kindness, always! 😄

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