How to Find Out if She’s Really The One
Jim Jones

While I agree that it is essential to know the person we are going to marry as deeply as we possibly can, I believe it is also as essential to know oneself. Examine our purpose/intention as to why we want to “settle down” with this person. We can spend a hell of a time knowing each other but disregard the essentiality of knowing oneself and our deeply held reasons. Are we going to get married out of fear of growing old alone? Do we want to get married because we want to build a family and have children? Out of true love? What is our purpose, really?

I thought of this because I have seen people around me got married for these reasons. Some got married because they wanted to run away from a broken home. I think it is only fair and healthy to also know ourselves as we discover our significant other. In doing so, we grow together within the relationship developing a sense of responsibility and maturity.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful story and gorgeous pictures of your beloved and friends. Cheers!

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