For those who think I’m weird but come to me for advice anyway

I will listen to your story with a non-judgmental, compassionate heart. But know that I can only listen. I don’t have answers to your questions nor can I fix whatever is broken in you. I cannot offer you solutions and kindly don’t ask me how to make a dream come true. Materialistically, I have absolutely nothing to inspire you. Just look at me and you will know. I have nothing (no thing) to be proud of but I am absolutely glad.

Know that I can only listen.

No achievements, no goals, no dreams or ambitions. By world’s standards, you might even call me a loser. But it doesn’t matter, really. While you strive for somethingness (just in case that’s a word), I strive, for the lack of better term, for nothingness. Learning to unlearn. Peeling off the layers of my attachment. I might be different than you but it doesn’t make me less or better of a human than you. But I feel and know it’s my time and yours will come, too.

Thank you for taking the time to read! I am not a writer but I love to write and put my thoughts out there. I believe we all have something to share with each other. Let us spread kindness, always! 😄