Our Team Is Growing!



Being a part of a growing organization is incredibly exciting. Over the past several months, Blue Seat has grown in many ways. Every aspect of our company from product development to brand and strategy has made strides. Much of this is due to our involvement with the OCEAN Accelerator, through which we have been fortunate to be surrounded by an incredible group of mentors, advisors and investors.

But by far our most important area of growth is our team.


In a word, our team is awesome. In January, we welcomed our first additions beyond the founding team, and today, we’re excited to announce two more new teammates. Tyler & Brandon are both web/backend developers and huge baseball fans. They’ve joined us at a really exciting point in our company’s development, and they’re absolutely instrumental to our future growth and development.


Tyler hails from Verona, Kentucky where he played 2nd base and outfield for the Walton Verona High Bearcats. He still plays some ball when he can, but now spends most of his time on his honors studies at Northern Kentucky University. He’ll graduate later this year with a B.S. in Computer Science and Minor in Mathematics. In addition to his diligent academic work, Tyler works as a Software Engineering Specialist at NKU’s Center for Applied Informatics, and he’s made significant technical contributions to NKY-based startup, Hapzing.

We’re incredibly blessed to have Tyler as an apprentice on our development team. He embraces challenges and new objectives and carries himself with an inspiring, positive energy. He’s an awesome guy to be around, and and so far, we’ve found a way to tolerate his questionable allegiances to the St. Louis Cardinals. Welcome Tyler!


Brandon is a Cincinnati native who grew up around the midwest and returned to the area to attend Xavier University. About the same time he graduated from XU, Brandon began writing for one of the most popular Reds blogs, Red Reporter. It was through Red Reporter that Brandon found the great baseball community in Cincinnati. He’s entering his 8th year writing for RR, and his 4th serving as managing editor.

“We’re truly lucky to have so many passionate baseball fans here in Cincinnati, and seeing all of the vision and collaboration here is inspiring.” — Brandon

In addition to his love for baseball, Brandon is a big Xavier Basketball fan (Go Muskies!) and also enjoys watching Soccer (MLS and English Premier League). Outside of sports Brandon’s currently learning Irish, reading Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations and having fun playing with his new puppy Franklin. Brandon is incredibly intelligent, thoughtful and humble. He’s the type of person you look forward to working with each day. We’re incredibly excited and grateful to have him onboard, leading our backend development efforts. Welcome Brandon!

Brandon and Tyler are game-changing additions to our team. Like Nathan & Emily before them, they’ve changed the trajectory of our company — and they’re making this incredible journey even more rewarding.


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