Journey to the Source of Laughter

Day 6. Dream Shapers in One Cosmic Organism and Their Limits.

We have looked at some evolution and the construction of our abstract world. But we looked at evolution from the inside out not as a global phenomenon of all living beings evolving together in some part of the universe or maybe even everywhere in some levels. When talking about some creation of some structure in a being we automatically assume that the structure will be carried further by procreation of the species.If species do not yet exist is there some transport of information between “generations”,do there even exist geneations in some sense ? Suppose some type of cells were attacked by virusses that brought their DNA in the cell ,creating in a way the cell’s DNA,that was then split and redefined with cell division.Would that be the origin of life a collision between cell and virus?We do not know and probably we never will!
So let us look at humans now, a species that interacts with reality guided by abstract thoughts and acting with free will. In a sense humans give shape in reality to their dreams,they are “dream-shapers”. The approximation of reality is getting better,at least we believe that, and we develop deeper analysis,more complex models,higher Mathematics, finer language for the description of reality. Observing is a learning process and understanding is the observation of the micro-structure of that process in the following sense. The process is constructed on ingredients observed in time and analysed via abstract ideas coherently tied together in a testing programme comparing the description to reality regularly. Each ingredient is “studied” further by constructing a set of new observations,called aspects of the ingredient ,there may be properties reflecting observations as well as abstract properties and even fantasy aspects like conjectures or pure guesses.Understanding is obtained by observing the construction of the abstract “onion” representing the study object. The coarse process is described by a relation on the ingredients,usually a causal relation ,hence a partial order relation ,the micro-process is described by a relation on the aspect set ,reducing in some well-described way to the ingredient causal relation. The micro-process can be seen as a deformation of the ingredient process ,in some pure mathematical way even,(cf F.Van Oystaeyen,A measurable Model for the Learning Process). So understanding is knowledge of the micro-process in particular of the aspect relation deforming the causal ingredient-relation! Insight is the feed-back of understanding to the reality ,hence insight is the understanding,defined as before of the process describing observed reality by the abstract “onion” constucted in the learning process! This dscription seems to be completely interior of one being but in reality most processes are started in communication with others ,even further developed in a communication or discussion.To this end language is used and continuously developed to a finer and deeper structural level All ideas transported to others ,in particular to future generations, are worded in language which is a symbolic coding system for ideas enabling the transmission of “meaning” in the best possible way. , but people often do not think much about what they are saying or what they are reading or hearing ! There are external factors, eg distractions,as well as inner factors, eg interest or concentration,determining the success of the conversation; For example if you have read this far you must have had some good motivation! But even if all the personal factors are positive in a conversation about a same fixed object correctly identified by two observers some deeper problem does show up. The incertainty property for learning processes. If for example a causal relation is given as A implies B, A and C together imply D and B and D imply E, since time is ordering our activities totally ,you can explain this by:A,B, A implies B,C,D, A and C imply D,E ,B and D imply E. But also in another order,eg starting with D .When reading or hearing this linearly ordered explanation the logical structure of the statement is only clear by reconsidering everything at the end of the statement,drawing the diagramme of implications at least mentally .Short the logical structure of the learning process is hiding in the linear explanation forced by time;That is the reason we write phrases linearly (horizontal or vertical) but never we use a two-dimensional presentation of words ,the order of the letters would not be clear unless we provide a linear procedure of how to read the two-dimensional words what would actually reduce it again to a linear language.The linear presentation of any complex logical structure is the uncertainty principle for language,it is the reason many students cannot get the logical structure of a proof in a course say by reading the linear text in a study-book.
So the limits to knowledge are presented as follows.
1.We measure by complex tools observed effects of reality,not reality itself,and express this by numbers.There are two problems here.
1.1. How good do our observations approximate the unknown reality.
1.2. How correct is the approximation by using real numbers in scientific measuring of “everything”.
2. We express our theories in language; How complex can a logical structure be if it has to be correctly phrased linearly in language. Clearly infinite complexity cannot be contained in language,but even too high complexity say a few millions of interrelated ingredients cannot be communicated in understandable language. During a talk for administators in the ministry I discovered that logical structures of level 2 were considered too difficult !
So we face at least three limits in our study of everything:
1.The limit of knowledge about reality (see 1.1.)
2.The limit of measuring by real numbers (see 1.2)
3.The limit of expressibility in language ,(see 2), or in a coherent set of ideas.
Is there a way out ,can we develop a system of cognitive actions that can avoid the limits above.?
Not clear but here we have to think about the global interpretation of evolution,ie all living things evolving together and every being being a creating part of the organic Whole.. There are obvious links between evolution of different species ,the most obvious ones being the events of symbiosis that can lead to remarkable and surprising aspects of evolution.Is there a possibility to capture information from a cosmic source outside our brain? I would say no, not at this moment,but since everything living is in a joint evolution of the “thing” called life one cannot exclude that gathering “cosmic” information may be a possibility a few million years from now,when the dream-shaper’s dreams become really interwoven with reality and intuition becomes a real means of investigation.Just some science fiction to end this day.
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