Journey to the Source of Laughter.

Day 14. Moral in the Organic Society of the Abstract Truth.

We have defined a god outside space-time ,so we called it abstract because only through the meaning of our thinking is there a possibility for contact .On the other hand there is society ,the community of humans on this planet ,but there seems to be a little more than just a collection of people.Each member has many links to others,being parents,relatives,friends or just contacts nowadays reaching all over the world. So we have to consider the “organic society” ie an organism with all people as members but also containing all the links with others both physically in the existing universe as well as purely abstract via the meanings of our thinking. The latter introduces a tricky part in the definition because there is exactly the terrain we recognised for contact with the abstract god . The organic society seems to have some “mind” of its own,this is clear in some historic moments when people together undertake some actions related to deep emotions,eg like starting a real revolution or celebrating the end of a long cruel war.There seems to be a flow of ideas in society sometimes ,like a flock of birds automatically moving in some immediate pattern,or a school of fish smoothly moving to a seemingly transcendent rhythm.Of course there are nowadays methods of mass communication ,but normally the reaction to news on these media are very dispersed ,local and superficial .Yet ,certain ideas create what is called a movement ,usually starting with a small group but later catching momentum and spreading quickly around the globe. Some at first local ideas have settled in the organization of society ,in laws and traditions or rules and culture,they also formed the moral accepted by a local society. In the history of civilization this moral changed and evolved,often related to religions or general humanistic principles .The link between religion and moral is structural ! Indeed ,we already noticed that the definition of the organic society intersected the domain of abstract meaning thus of the abstract god we defined,but the moral was influenced by the human picture made of their gods,depending therefore on (human) properties bestowed on that image.

Recall that the abstract god defined outside space-time does not have “properties”,it does not interact with the physical reality of the universe we observe as existing in time it does not “do” anything described by human language,except it has some BEING structure like a set of states,totally ordered perhaps but not even necessarily. About structure we can talk in a timeles way,we are in fact used to do that in Mathematics where we talk about many objects defined in time and we assume ,without even stating that normally,that these structures exist together and independent from time . Mathematics is the only science and knowledge we have that is treated as independent from time ,the materials in chemistry are decaying and changing,the forces in Physics are strenghtening or weakening ,everything that exists is changing,but abstract mathematics is invariant,by assumption and construction.

We stated that god interacted with the BEING universe and that the existence of meaning and free manipulation of meanings was an interaction between god and life,giving rise to the semi-abstract being :humans! Science has no other explanation for the moment…and I believe it will not for a very long time (forever ?)! Hence there is or was an interaction between god and the organic society (not the “society” when restricted to just a group of people) . Before we use the words good and bad again we have to clarify their meaning in the light of the new assumption of the god and its interaction.First as a special case of what I said before ie god not having human properties,we may conclude that god does not want us to do something,least of all worship it or give up our existential freedom for it! However in this super-universe of BEING there is no such thing as lies or falsifications,lies can only exist when it is possible to compare two things in time,select one as true and only then call the other a lie or false. So there is some form of absolute truth as we define usually ,but more correctly an abstract truth. As pointed out before the closest we can get to such abstract truth in our existence in time is in a mathematical formalism set up without dependence on time in the axioms and definitions. The tool in constructing our approximation of abstract truth is Logic,a logic accepted by all people in the organic society! So he same logic should underly all our conclusions if we aim them to be on the way of some Truth (we may however never really reach,but that is not important!).That logic is necessary to obtain non-chaotic communication .But is it sufficient to discover new “facts” and obtain deeper knowledge. No! We also need “inspiration” ,something connected to emotions ,the unconscious and the contact with the abstract god; let me explain somewhat.

The unexplained thing that made us believe in some kind of god was the transition from biological activity in the brain to abstract meanings that could be manipulated outside reality. There are many ideas happening in the brain that we do not give a meaning to,at least not a meaning that we are aware of. There may be some unaware meaning for these,say in the sub-conscious or the non-conscious,or they may be coded in the memory for what they are :meaningless pictures of electro-chemical neuronic activity in the brain. I more or less acted as if the action of god on the universe as BEINGS was “momentarily” but for us in time this is spread out over the whole history of the univere,so finding new meaning for existing or new brain activity ,this may be called “inspiration” ,maybe our observation of the interaction in time.Inspiration thus stems from non-conscious activity involving old emotions and “higher thinking “ ,that is contact with the abstract god.

Thus the guiding abstract activity in organic society is based on logic and inspiration . What is beneficial for the global development of organic society ,ie both the universe and the abstract part, we view as good,negative influence is termed bad. As a consequence the flow of ideas in organic society should go in a good direction ,the quality of being good should be clear to everyone when doing a honest deep introspection ,so it is not a matter of religion or even of the laws at the time ,it is a matter of “belief” in the real sense! This means that any personal judgement should follow from some process we called prayer in the new sense (see earlier post) reaching a deeper awareness of the connection with the abstract truth represented by the abstract BEING.It may be disturbingly funny that this yields exactly the same answer as in the old Catechismus booklet to the question when should we pray, but in an entirely new meaning!

Now it is clear how moral and ethics develop in organic society via the connections based on meanings of ideas. First this works on a local level,with restrictions of actual place on earth and culture of people,then it will globalise once enough world-wide contacts are possible.The existing local morals and cultures have a natural inertia! This is good because small fluctuations in the organic structure (people dying or changing drastically their opinions) should not result in chaotic changes in culture,traditons,moral.The consequence is that also necessary changes dictated by a real flow of meanings will become accepted slowly and that tensions between old and new will be continuously present locally almost everywhere.New ideas must be really “inspiring” as we say in usual language,now getting a new abstract meaning, in order to catch on. The transition of inspiration is more difficult than just transferring ideas,that is obvious from the deeper rooting of inspiration in the contact with abstract Truth or god. The property people must have to be able to understand and transfer inspiration is the ability to deep critical creative thinking. This is not obtained by religious teachings or political doctrines ,no,the critical part depends on some rational logical abilities but the creative part depends on the deformation of a learning process obtained from relations between aspects of some ingredients in the study process (see some remarks about incertainty principle in the learning process in earlier post),which are in the opposite direction as the causal order on the described ingredients by the chosen aspects. Hence these relations between aspects may be said to be anti-causal and as such they depend heavily on the ability to use abstract fantasy!

In conclusion the moral of organic society goes in the direction of abstract truth as a consequence of the mixture of logical communication of inspired ideas, drawing on creative learning processes mixing fantasy and emotions with critical thinking and deep introspective “prayer in the new sense”. Such ideas become a flow in organic society that will yield a philosophical continuous revolution making organic society progress in the direction of abstract truth (or god if you prefer).

Right now we see the first steps in such development globally ,like the first four,five steps in the Sahara .The journey will be painful because we are at a historic point of deep change, religion,royalty, super-rich politics, paper constructions ruling the world,…everything must vanish and become new ….structures searching for the abstract truth .

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