Tough Luck Destroyers of Hillary Clinton: You Won the Battle, You Won’t Win the War
Sasha Stone

all said is true, but fails to include the some disturbing facts that are also true. these include 1 - (in support of your agument but disturbing nonetheless) is an inelegant condescending tone. Deplorables? Romney lost for the exact same reason (moochers). and 2 - her strategic failure to support efforts in the six states that swung it for trump, even when michigan campaigners were begging for help. this mars the veneer of competence, and again, this was a sign of condescension, taking industrial blue states for granted. Condescension is a style consideration that her husband did not display (being able to pass yourself off as a dimwit is key to winning the votes of deplorables and moochers).

‘Labor’ voters have finally woken up to the fact that they have been bamboozled since the 1970’s by the party that purports to represent their interests. Hillary was misfortunate enough to arrive on the scene when voters from six states were suddenly awake to this third aspect of my diatribe. to be clear, it is not of her making, but her Brooksian vernacular is a foreign language in those parts and her rational policy positions were completely unintellible.

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