How Interstellar’s 4th Dimension Came To Life

Good science fiction, but I wouldn't preset it as science. According to György Egely, a Hungarian “alternative” scientist, a really good assumption is never strange to life, an empty, logical construction. It has to do with reality. The idea of the fourth dimension — no matter how much it is above our senses, how unimaginable is for the man of today — it is not unknown to science. Yet, all we can say today about the fourth dimension that ‘it is like…’ or ‘you have to imagine that….’ We have to talk about in analogies, because we cannot imagine, cannot experience with our senses. But what we do not understand today because we cannot experience it, it is not certain, that it will not be evident tomorrow.”[1]

So, let’s find the real fourth space dimension that Einstein was looking for to replace his relativism theory.


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