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Microelectronics and photonics packaging company to aggressively accelerate sales and execution of product roadmap

Rochester, NY — Mosaic Microsystems, a microelectronics and photonics packaging company, providing thin glass substrates and through glass vias (TGVs) for next generation products in RF communications, particularly for 5G, as well as MEMs and sensors for the internet of things (IoT) has reported a significant investment into the business. …

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Optical signals were first used to carry information across oceans. …

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Macro photograph of a silicon wafer. A substrate near the end of its life, and a bottleneck in electronic design. Photo credit: Laura Ockel

What we’ve been up to

In 2018, we looked at nearly 200 deep tech companies focused on component electronics. 200 companies might not sound like a lot when you consider similar sized venture funds look at more than a thousand companies a year, but launching our fund with focus and conviction has whittled down the universe of opportunity pretty quickly for us. …


BlueSky Capital

Early-stage venture capital for component technologies.

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