A, the irish red head and H, the London girl

While on a bit of a bender, I met an irish red headded girl named A, she seemed really nice but I was far too drunk and I do not remember what she looked like. I have a date due with her on monday but she’s stopped replying to my messages so I presume it could be off.

I have also recently had two dates with a nice but very overweight girl named H, she is kind, but that’s all I have to say about her. If she was thin and attractive I would be very happy but she isn’t and because of that I am not into her. All we talk about is sex and I’ve tried to play it off like that because we’re horny but it’s actually because I am not in anyway into her and that’s all we have in common, but I’m playing it like I’m about to fall in love with this girl, when I’m actually not or close to.

Irish girl however I think I really hit it off with. She is smart like H but I remember being physically attracted to her which is nice, also, I don’t know, there was something about her on the phone, I was just into her. However she is 28. I’ve never dated someone that much older before, hell I’ve only ever dated one person if I’m being honest and that was for 4 years.

God I hope my date with A goes okay.

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