Religion affects in the world

Does religion actually affect our society and does it change it for the better or for the worse? This question has puzzled many philosophers for years and years. Still, no one can come to a full agreement on this topic. For many people, there are many determining factors such as which specific religion we are looking at. No matter what religion you look at, there will be examples supporting both sides. Such as in Christianity, some of the negatives include the crusade genocides and the Westboro Baptist church. However, there are many more positives that include churches raising money to send to third world countries, saving people’s lives that are contemplating suicide, giving people a reason to get up in the morning, and acceptance of death making it easier to go when it’s your time. Religion is a very powerful subject, it can change someone’s life in an instant. I believe it is up to that individual if it will change their life for the better or for the worse, but, I know for a fact that it has changed mine for the better!

In the early years of 1095 to 1291, many innocent people were killed by religious followers who claimed to be killing in the name of Christ. Those who did not profess to believe in the teachings of the Church were murdered by the army of the Church. The rulers of the time; the kings, queens, and popes supported these barbaric actions. Many centuries later, the Christian Church denounced the crusades as cruel and against the teachings of God and/or Christ. Even though it was a dark and cruel time, it had to happen to get us to where we are today. A modern day example of hatred in the name of the church is the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. Unlike the teachings of love in the Christian religion, this church persecutes those who do not share their beliefs. For example, these followers will protest the funerals of fallen military soldiers, shouting hateful remarks to the grieving families that the dead loved ones are murderers for their actions in war. These followers have also injured patrons entering abortion clinics in protest in support of the church’s stance on pro-life. Even though this is a bad side to religion, there are many more positive aspects.

The more common aspects of Christian are clearly more beneficial to mankind. These beneficial examples include: betterment of uneducated, advancement of the underprivileged, and belief. Most Christians believe and practice the act of tithing which is when the members of the church give a portion of their income to help the poor and less fortunate. This money is used by churches to feed starving children, build hospitals, schools, water treatment facilities and other endeavors that help to development third world countries. Some religious organizations even work to free those who have been wrongfully imprisoned. Another powerful thing religion provides is belief. The power of believing gives people a reason to get up in the morning. Since Christianity states that in order to have a happy afterlife, you must follow the religion’s rules in order to achieve it, people have a guideline and purpose each and every day. This can also save many people contemplating suicide because when they think no one loves or cares about them, they learn God does and always will. “ People with religious faith who attend church regularly experience less depression than nonreligious people, while suicide is four times higher among non churchgoers” (Religion). Also, in the article, Religion: A Good Thing, we can see that “The blood pressure of people who attend church is 5 mm lower than that of those who do not” (Religion). This is another big impact because church can extend your life. Even in dark times, religions world wide provide a shining light and ray of hope.

Each individual has to contemplate what they perceive as the good and bad aspects of religion and the corresponding effects on society as a whole. While I believe that there are many more positive examples of how most religions change society for the better, there are still some bad or negative examples also. People must accept that with everything positive in the world, there are bound to be some negatives. I just hope they can see how beneficial to the world religion is.


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