Falling astray and falling back

Life is a series of misfortune that turns our life into a priceless fortune. I knew that, and I have always knew that everyday there will always be a challenge for me to face and in the battlefield, i should win. I must win because if I lose, I will lose myself, slowly and then everything all at once. I lost the battle. Not once, I lost a thousand of battles. But a recent battle left more than just wound, it left me with ineffable void. It threw me into this abyss of darkness and every day for the past few weeks, I know i should find my light again but I didn’t and now this void is too big and everyday breathing this air of guilt feels heavy and all of the attempt to fill it, is just another indecent and obscene act that keeps leading me astray. O’ Lord, help me, if this is a sign, guide me in my dreams, guide me in my heart and shine me with your light.

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