What are the common DnD Dice?

Bluewizard Gaming
Nov 8, 2019 · 2 min read

Each DnD dice is composed as a DX, where X is the quantity of sides that the dice has. These are the run of the mill die those DnD employments:

The d4 is the Halfling Rogue who shanks you with an extremely sharp bit of metal or the Sorcerer who shoots you with the astounding aimbot Magic Missile.

The d6 is the Elven Ranger that dives a short sword into your chest or disarms and trips you off of a bluff or both.

The d8 is the Paladin that slices you with his aches word or the Cleric who mends you with Cure Light Wounds on the grounds that the Paladin is a delusional psycho.

The d10 dnd dice is the Druid who drops an incredible club on your head or the Monk who Glaives your arms off, before proceeding to your legs.

The d12 is the Barbarian who embeds a Great hatchet in your shoulder or the Warrior who tears out said hatchet and sinks it into your back as you flee like a coward.

The d20 dnd dice is the one that awards you a Nat 20 to faultlessly explore a pocket dimension labyrinth designed by Death itself, jump on a skeletal dragon, power ride it to the leave entry, hop off and into the entryway with immaculate planning, show up on the Material Plane with the Big Bad Evil Guy (BBEG) of your crusade escaping from you on a skeletal pony through another gateway to “any place the-DM-believes is-a-good-idea”, and execute an ideal triple front flip instakill headshot that one-shots the BBEG and remains the adventure since you killed him too soon… This dice is additionally answerable for Nat 1 slaughtering your character right afterwards when the bolt goes straight through the BBEG’s skull, into the entry, which just so happened to interface with the pocket dimension you simply left, by one way or another skips around in the maze to the leave, shoot out of the gateway, and cover itself in the back of your head.

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