If i was Robin hood.

The late Robin hood, dose he needs to come up?. well who has time to think on that. when Richer gets richer , and its time to party with every evening and our money can buy beers and hide all the ugly truth. Well might be i did the same for long . The truth is I haven't changed a lot, but might be i can see now whats happening, but it dose not matter cos i dint do much to change the truth.

People live for their dreams , well some want to be a doctor, some musician ,some painter , others engineer , plumber , designer or fighter or anything to help others or for earning good for living, But have you ever thought that if someone someday comes and stops you from doing your profession or achieving your dreams or comes in just to ruin your life, what you would do? Maybe you will stop and take an easier path or you might fight back for completing your dreams that matters to you. Take this example , the raspiest who raped a journalist, She wanted to do good in mass media but was stopped by someone who came and killed her . she beard the pain of getting in the dark where her dreams ended, her path was crossed with dark. Is there some one to stop the guys who did that or is there any one to repay the losses. Or what happened to the tribes in Assam ,India, Over night people came in with guns and killed everyone living there, or Gaza where a full nation was destroyed , or see Pakistan where gunmen s came and killed a whole school with kids. They had dreams which someone stopped.

Our religions ,so many of them , are of no use if some one like us with hands and brain cannot stop the bad or help them who needs it. So i choose a profession where i can call myself as Robin hood , or Hercules or anyone who does what ever it takes to do whats good.Since ages knights and kingdoms were there where the ruler ruled and people were ruled, but there were revolutionists who fixed the loops in the shade, they worked in dark just to help them who needs the most. Now, why they worked in the dark? because they worked in a manner which was not approved by the so called kingdom of Rulers or Government of Ministers. So i choose to be that who be’s the dark ,who just does what is needed without explaining things and does with the moral of goodness. Or in other words the ‘Dark Angle who does Good’.

What is this ? “ Many can ask “ And why Now?”. Well this is a mental state that has come after a long time when Goons robbed the Good people and the general system gets used to it. So, it might give a feel of a Drama which shows a hero fighting and killing the bad. But to be true its not that easy , specially when you have a social life and a personal world . Then how to go with it, Answer is ‘Wear a Mask’. A mask that hides you when you do the good in the dark. A mask that they can fear of and that states this area is yours. Sounds insane, well this whole letter is insane, and if you are not then don't read anymore.

But If you are reading, then lets talk where to start.

Well can you start off? , really saying ,No. You need to have the sense of whats good and whats bad. You need to understand the reason of you being different , and the understanding that your good will not be rewarded. You need to say to yourself that the bad needs to be removed and so you are here, where fear is your tool which you use. How do you start, ‘Power’ is the starting point. Do what ever it takes to get the power , Study ,Earn ,Learn and most of all do good to people ,so that you earn them. when you have the Power then train yourself to wear the mask that separates you from the good normal people. Be normal in the eyes of the Crowd but wear the mask when its needed .

Remember this is not easy . Its said we have two side ,One GOOD and the other EVIL. Lets Keep Good to help the Good , and lets keep Evil to deal with Evil.I am writing this to make you understand that a robin-hood was needed in the stories , now its needed in real, so be prepared . Its for them who can train themselves to be someone for something right. And I am asking brothers to join me ,who can stand for the truth and stop them who think dark can help them rule. Now it depends on you, will you still fight with me or you will still watch as a spectator.

- Letter from a FrIenD.

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