That is a fun story and name-dropping, but in 2000, the 6GB Creative NOMAD Jukebox was actually…
Craig Kielinski

Actually this is not at all true: I also owned that NOMAD back then and it was in no way superior to the iPod, it was only a little less of a tech disaster than other MP3 players on the market at the time. It had a typically convulated and hard-to-use interface, you had to go through ludicrously complex routines to get songs onto its hard drive, and the Windows software for it was a bug-ridden clunky mess.

Steve Jobs recognized the dismal state of digital music at that time, and his over-arching vision to radically change the MP3 landscape was to produce the iPod.

I had been using MP3 players since the mid-90s, and the real revolution that the iPod brought was to create a digital music device that was incomparably easier to use and, perhaps most importantly, it just worked, as Jobs would often say.

As soon as I bought and set up my iPod back then, I knew the days of fumbling around with those other MP3 players was history. My NOMAD was tossed and I thankfully said good riddance.

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