Medium: A Publisher's Perspective
Frederic Filloux

Medium works well if your only interest is narrative text, or a simple linear blog. Like Frederic I left Wordpress because it was too geeky, time-wise, and had a lot of overhead to get the kind of Website I wanted. I also have the full Adobe publishing suite, but it too requires a lot of pro-level overhead to get a site off the ground, at least with a professional Website.

I went out, researched, and found Wix, which has been an epiphany for me. It’s a secure drag-and-drop Web development environment with all the bells and whistles, but without the time consuming geeky overhead. With modest design and Web skills you can put together a highly polished Website with little sweat equity. Wix is amazing, and apparently a million plus other small businesses, music groups, artists, etc have discovered the same. Yes, there is a cost, but for what you get it’s a bargain.

Geez, I sound like I work for Wix, but I’m just a happy customer…