Nothing is more rewarding than success. Unfortunately we can’t always be successful and sometimes we fail. Whether it be in our academic, personal, or social lives success can be easy or difficult to achieve. Typically, we can evaluate our ability to perform well at a certain task by the amount of effort we put into it. Hence: The Success-Effort Paradigm. Regardless if it is a research paper, a diet, or a promposal The Success-Effort Paradigm is here so YOU can achieve your dreams!

The Success-Effort Paradigm is divided into four sections: A: The Luck Zone, B: The Flop Zone, C: The Try-hard Zone, and D: The Maximization Zone.

Let’s take a closer look!

Section A: The Luck Zone

The Success-Effort Paradigm begins with a vertical line (NOTICE: Effort does not start at zero. There is no such thing as zero effort!). Some people are naturally really good at things — others not so much. Here is when exercising minimum effort can either propel or expose you.

This what winning with minimum effort looks like.

And this is what losing with minimum effort looks like.

Section B: The Flop Zone

You know when you tried so hard and got so far but in the end all your work turns into a pile of rubbish. Welcome to The Flop Zone! Watch as you slowly slide down to your impending failure no matter what you do.


Nice effort though!

Section C: The Try-hard Zone

Oh yeah this is where you want to be. This is when work ethic comes into play, the point when you start seeing the result(s) you deserve. The more toil the more treasure!

Take it away Apollos!

Show us what it looks like when hard work pays off.

Section D: The Maximization Zone

There comes a point when one can get really good at something. So much so that they reach a level of success that was previously unattainable. Only the people who put in an arduous amount of effort can end up here. This is where you can find LeBron breaking NBA records, Einstein formulating the Mass-energy equivalence, and Gandhi leading India’s liberation movement.

*Some Language

The ideal success-effort maximizer: Will Hunting.

The Success-Effort Paradigm is the ultimate tool to be triumphant in whatever** one may do. Before you engage in a task, evaluate:

Where do I fall on the Success-Effort Paradigm?

How much effort am I willing to apply to successfully complete this task?

Will I put in minimum effort and try to get lucky, or put in max effort and achieve an unparalleled level of success?

Good luck!

**Of course the Success-Effort Paradigm may not pertain to every situation. For example, one who makes an incredible amount of money through capital income, may be really successful, but probably did not have to put in a significant amount of effort in order to bring in such an exorbitant income. Also, it’s important NOT to generalize the Success-Effort Paradigm to specific people. When you read Try-hard Zone you probably had a person in mind. This model is best used when assessing the likelihood of achieving a certain task, not characterizing an individual.