15 Essential Skills They Don’t Teach You In College
James Altucher

Some of these skills come naturally to people.

Some of these skills are the responsibility of the parental units to teach and instill.

Some of these skills are not necessary or important for everyone to know

Would you hypothesize that there is a correlation between the decline of these skills and the meteoric rise of technology and social media among millennials?

I went to a very good school and received an education that I will always be thankful for. I learned how to think critically and outside the box, even if it went against conventional wisdom or popular opinion. We learned to challenge the status quo while create and synthesize major theoretical arguments and ideas.

In fact my undergrad education was so intense and difficult that not only was the Library the primary social hub on campus every night except the Friday/Saturday, but I was able to modify my undergrad thesis several times in grad school aka I did essentially no additional work for the grad school assignment, essentially turned in an advanced undergrad paper… And I received nothing less than an A on it each time it was handed in.

Yes working smarter not harder can be figured out without your lesson plan.

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