Cutting the Cord on Live Sports
Matt Hursh

Thanks for this review. I am THAT guy who essentially pays for Cable primarily for sports content. I RARELY watch other shows or networks, and if I do they are almost certainly DVR or On Demand.

I have always been and always will be a Sports nut, especially College football, college basketball, EPL, UCL, Other European futbol leagues, NFL, NBA playoffs, golf, and on a the rare occassion they are televised: surfing, skate, snowboarding.

My high speed and high quality internet is bundled, I have a PS4 already connected to my primary TV and I waste $10 a month by having an extra cable box in my bedroom that I never watch.

While I would like to be more thrifty and cost effective… but missing a live Tottenham Hotspur match on a Sunday morning in March or a Michigan men’s basketball game on a Tuesday night in early January — NOT AN OPTION EVER, and i’m not going to a bar to save a few bucks (especially when I have a dog).

I’m keeping my fingers crossed Playstation Vue is able to take the streaming platform to the next level and will be the preferred option for streaming live sports… Because I will never cut the cord until I can be 100% assured that I am able to see the few games that mean more to me than every TV show on that month

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