I Guess i had to climb, i can’t change my mind now can i?

I know anyone can relate to that first time fear of boarding an airplane, but as fate would have it, I never got over mine.

I hope someday i will, but here i am now in my good looking round-neck yellow shirt and black jean that has the picture of a young dream, looking like i do on most of my trips to far away places.

I can’t go back to the cashier now, tell her i don’t feel like flying anymore, that i forgot something at home.

I can’t afford to leave my penny to anyone but that would have created a scene, i can imagine the look i will probably get from that lady who is at the front desk of their customer care service counter.

She look as mean as a hawk hovering over its unknowing prey even in her sky blue. shirt and flowery bow tie that gives a rather awesome smell in comparison to her sour attitude, but who I’m i to judge, probably she hasn’t paid her third cousin’s school fees as its the norms when you’re working in a big place like this.every member of the family knows who to bring their problems to.

Its an African way and i could put my shillings on it that this woman with a baritone is not having one her good days.

You gain some and you lose some, what is there to be gained anyway,

Racking my brain for the answer would have been a farfetched procedure.

Its crystal clear as the bottle water the woman standing right in front of me was holding, i will be saving several hours on some bumpy roads the government has negligibly refused to complete since i was a foetus.

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