Wild Flower (ii)

One step at a time, just don’t look down the ridge when you get up there, its a long way down.

“Passagers laissant pour normandie devrait sois prêt a conceal le avian. Movement jusqu’a il sortie point et attendee dans un straight fishier”

Olympus Airbus AQRII Leaving for Normandy has arrived i can sense that’s what the soothing voice from the unseen lady dishing the informations through the speakers somewhere close to where i was sitting with sweaty palms just said, but it does nothing to calm my paling spirit.

I might be wrong anyway,because my french is no different from the over decorated Yamarita served at the fancy eatery inside the airport, they both suck.

What must be done, must be done. I saw people standing up from their seat all with some with a mix of glee and anger tattoo on their long noses. So i had to join them with mine written on my broad chin and black hair that took me several hours to comb, but in truth i wasn’t too eager to fly anymore.

The security check and screening didn’t take long as we have done one not so long ago for the luggages.

Walking through the glass door wasn’t hard either, neither was sitting in the golf cart between an igbo woman and a Japanese teenager that looks like a doll similar to what my sister had when we were little.

I wasn’t too offended when the old lady made a remark that was meant to be funny but was not, what was supposed to be the joke in a sharp remark that i should volunteer to be the conductor of the cart we were riding.

I refused to see the joke in that,but i was’t offended as thats the least of my worries,the hustle and bustle of lagos must have limited her imagination, but then i could only blame it on old rimmed eye glasses that look like she need a return visit to her optician that must have charged too much than those toad eyes really worth.

Now here i am the next in line to the putting my sole on the boarding steps and i had to let all my fear evaporate with the winds, as i’m left with no choice.