Top Effective Tools to Streamline Your Social Media Marketing

Knowing how to make use of social media effectively for your business promotion is very essential, especially in these competitive times. To ensure that your social media marketing campaign gives you best and effective results, you can consider hiring social media marketing consultant.

Below are some tools to streamline your social media marketing:

  1. Find Your Audience – After defining your target audience, the next thing which you should do is find out social media platforms visited by them on frequent basis.
  • Traackr – This tool creates detailed lists of influencers and their qualifications depending on the criteria you put into the system, no matter whether it is region/topic-wise. Additionally, it can identify how to connect in the best way with the user depending on the social footprint/content of the influencer.
  • Followerwonk – It is specific to Twitter and permits you to search Twitter profiles with the help of keywords. It further helps to build influencer lists for customer engagement at later time period.

2. Discover Relevant Content – After having list of relevant social media platforms, next you need to discover the type of content that interests your audience. Share and create content which you think is relevant for them

  • Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer – It proves helpful in tracking of links and mentions of competitive keywords and in turns provides you with valuable insights of social buzz for any topic/brand or related key terms.
  • SEMrush – It is useful to obtain paid search insights and assists customers in identifying phrases for which a site ranks for. Use those keyword phrases and insert them in your site.

3. Manage Campaign/Workflow – Immaterial of your team size, it is helpful and essential to have a proper workflow system in place along with useful tools to ensure all your team members are on same page.

  • Hootsuite – Use it for uploading content and to schedule posts in advance. It comes with an enterprise edition equipped with additional social media content management features.
  • Kapost – It is beneficial in supporting complex approval workflows. It plays vital role of supporting development of difficult campaigns, mapping specific content to respected role and tracks campaign journey with a centralized calendar.

4. Measure results – You can collect results of your social media efforts at various stages throughout your social media marketing campaign. It helps you to adjust your social initiatives if required and helps in improving customer outreach and engagement.

  • Socialbakers – It provides simplistic way to compare, measure and contrast different social data touch points like how social community grew this month or how brand channels are performing in the competitive times and industry-related organizations.
  • Radian6 – It is used for social measurement and is beneficial owing to its capability to plug into Salesforce.

Thus, with these tools, you can identify where to focus your valuable time and resources.

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