“Clara Lux in Obscuro”

“Clara Lux in Obscuro”

She quietly opened the window to drink in what she knew to be her very last sunrise. The air outside was just starting to emerge from the night’s womb. An infant breeze met her at the window and slid like a ribbon across her uncovered shoulders and arms. Sarah opened her mouth filling it with the lilac and the clouds, taking it into her chest like a lover. Small porcelain hands felt along the windowpane in search of her golden glow lover.

She was almost in a trance when her ears caught a lilting voice dancing amongst the robins and dandelions. It was as if the stranger was put there just for her. Sarah imagined that the silvery tone belonged to a young woman with untamed dark hair and the ocean trapped in her eyes. Her steps quick and excited to meet her man under the flowering trees. Sarah’s heart dipped slowly into its secret hiding space. Her soul had worn through the glue and tape and was now slowly seeping out.

“There you are! Ready to get dressed for your big day?” Sarah followed the source of the interloper. She heard the familiar metallic jangle and felt a sharp edge nudge her thigh. “What are you doing all alone?” Grace whispered in her ear. She allowed Grace to guide her into her steel chariot and silently bade adieu to the morning’s babies.

Her heart had began shuffling around in her stomach like a washing machine she had once felt. The air had taken on a sullen disposition. The space, the very air was crowding in. Where was her brother? The shuffling in her stomach turned into a fierce storm and spread its icy grip throughout her small frame. Sarah longed for the comfort kisses from the morning dew, but she had left its solace to wait for James. He promised to meet her here, to take her home. It had been exactly twenty seven days she had endured the sterile, detached ward. She took a deep breath demanding courage from the very heavens. She would not shed even one tear here.

It was from these very heavens that sent James to her side. He banished the sullen and dispassionate odor of illness and melancholy in the instant she recognized the smell of sun, dark earth and peppermint in the room. “I can smell you James!” A deep laugh answered her cry and then his voice was by her ear. “I’ve come to kidnap the Princess…I guess you’ll have to do instead.” Sarah stuck her tongue out in the direction of his voice as he propelled her out the double doors. He directed her into the cool shadows of an immense tree, removing the worn bandage from her eyes. Peering from behind ruby curtains, Sarah hungered to open her eyes to gaze once more upon images that had lived in her dreams for so long. Tomorrow dream images will cease..she will see the sun.

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Originally published at proudmommaofgirls.wordpress.com on January 23, 2015.

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