I must not let myself stuck in that predicament.

Remember the pain you felt; that 3 years worth of pain. That constant ache in your heart. You’ve gotten out of it, don’t let yourself fall into it again. Don’t.

That inconsequential person shouldn’t be affecting your daily routine. You live your life how you want it to be. Painless life. Don’t.

That pain while waiting for that one reply, the pain of not seeing that one person, & the pain when he talk about another girl. Don’t.

I’m aware that there’s laughter, & happiness whilst talking to him; but you know it will all end up in pain. Just like 3 years ago. Don’t.

It’s better to be happy alone than to feel pain because of one. Not caring, not bothering, not taking anyone else into deep consideration is the right way. Don’t.

Just don’t.

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