13 Ways: New Year’s 2019

Best Wishes for 2019 from Team BluRum13!


2019 kicks off for Team BluRum13 with a last release from 2018: DJ Storm’s Canadian Boom Bap EP Calm Before the Storm. BluRum lays down some badass bars for When the Horn’s Blow — a fittingly triumphant prelude for the brass to come in 2019. The EP features established names on Montreal’s indie hip hop scene, like D-Shade, Annakin Slayde, Eternal the MC and other first-rate DJs. Make it the soundtrack to your New Year’s resolutions!


On 12.21.18 BluRum13 inked a deal with Philly-based Ropeadope Records! This May, “Sense the Urgency” the second album by BLUKE — BluRum13 & Luke Vibert —will be dropping world-wide. Ropeadope was the first major label to sign BluRum back in 2002 with then-band Bullfrog (ft. Kid Koala & Mark Robertson).

The label will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2019, bringing the prodigal BluRum13 back home and into the fold of a motley crew of musical luminaries ranging from Jon Medeski to Eddie Palmieri. Follow us on Instagram for news on singles, pre-orders and concert dates. 
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Another late-2018 BluRum13 release dropped on Lyon’s Galant Records, inaugurating SEEDS — this shiny new label’s series of monthly digital releases showcasing some of the realest underground hiphop. Trying to Live features Blu’s moody metaphors taking command over lyonnais beat prodigy R33/RXX’s bass-heavy production and sensual hook. An EP from this duo on a soon-to-be-announced label is also on the horizon for 2019.
Peep the Trying to Live fanlink to prepare yaself.


The Ultraverse performing at the Solidarity of Arts Festival, Gdansk

What truly made BluRum13 history in 2018 was the formation of Blu’s live band The Ultraverse. Featuring some of the finest musicians he’s had the privilege of sharing both studio and stage with, The Ultraverse is a reflection of BluRum’s musicality, diversity, and drive. The Ultraverse is:
Spanish jazz trumpet superstar Raynald Colom on horn and keys; Polish electro-funk-chaoszilator Radek Bond on bass; Havana-born rhythm wizard Frank Durand on drums; and Lyonnais beat genius R33/RXX on MPC and vocals.

The Ultraverse made its debut at Poland’s Solidarity of Arts Festival in Gdansk on August 25, 2018, playing some of Blu’s releases from 2017 & 18. They were recorded live in HD for the Jet8 Foundation’s DEN Culture art & music series in Barcelona on September 13.

BluRum13 & The Ultraverse recorded live for DEN Culture

You can also listen to BluRum13 share his thoughts on playing with his band in an interview here.

2018 BARS

We put together a little 13-track playlist of BluRum13 releases that dropped in 2017 & 18. The mix includes the Woxow collab with Akil from Jurassic 5 & Ken Boothe; tracks from the Bocawoody Carousel album with DJ Woody & Boca 45; the Inkswel EP, an URBS remix, and even some early BLUKE. 


All of us at Team BluRum13 want to give a big shout out to the labels, promoters, partners, collaborators and fans who made 2018 a pivotal one — special shout-outs to Mike S., Julien at Besides, and J. Conrad Grant of House of Zi, Louis Marks, and all those behind us in 2019 — we appreciate every last one of you!

Team BluRum13