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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Confirms It’s Okay to be a Feminist

Looking over my Facebook feed the other day, I almost didn’t share this video because I forget sometimes that for many people out there, this mentality is foreign and shocking, when to me, coming from this human being, it is no surprise at all.

Our Prime Minister is also a humanitarian, and a global citizen. You cannot be either of these if you are not a feminist. If you are raising your sons to not understand and embrace equality, if you are raising your daughters to not understand and expect equality, then you are contributing to the problems our world faces rather than helping to create a world that is not trying to rip itself apart.

Equality and education and compassion are the foundations without which peace simply cannot be. We should expect no less from every and any leader, of any and every country and organization. Anything else should be seen as active hostility and aggression towards all. In the year 2016, complacency can no longer be accepted as passive aggression, it is aggression, it is hostile. When inaction is embraced by the masses, it directly galvanizes those who wish nothing but the worst for humanity, into action. I am proud of Justin Trudeau for making a public statement about this, though I suspect he feels this public statement from a world leader should be the norm, not an exception.

Imagine a world where such a statement would seem almost silly in its obviousness. Females make up at least half of the population in most places in the world. Females are mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, friends, neighbours, girlfriends, lovers, partners, wives. The human being that bore you and everyone else is a female. Isn’t it about time that equality between men and women becomes a non-issue? I believe that Prime Minister Trudeau wishes it was, and will work to create this kind of environment as much as he possibly can in Canada and anywhere else where he has any influence. And it’s about time we all start working together towards what is essential in creating a world of peace and prosperity.

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